• 2. Environmental Regulations

Environmental Regulations

1)      10 Knot Speed Limit and Mandatory Right Whale Reporting

2)      The Ports of Brunswick, Fernandina, and Jacksonville require a 10 Knot Speed Limit and Mandatory Whale Report from November 15th till April 16th. This is a compulsory program managed by NOAA and enforced by USCG where penalties exist for non-compliance.

Vessel speed is restricted to 10 Knots in the Southeast US Seasonal Right Whale Management Area bounded to the north by latitude 31 Degree’s 27’ North, to the south by latitude 29 Degree’s 45’ North and to the east by longitude 080 Degree’s 51’36’’ West.

Vessels transiting MSR reporting areas are required to report their course, speed, position, destination, and route to the U.S. Coast Guard upon entry into the reporting

area. Vessels should report via INMARSAT C to one of the following addresses:

Email: RightWhale.MSR@noaa.gov or Telex: 48156090, Sample reports available upon request.

Vessels Passing the Migratory Route November 1 through April 30 are also restricted to 10 knots

•Within a continuous area 20 nm from shore between Wilmington, NC, to Brunswick, GA,

bounded by the following: Point Latitude Longitude

A 34º10'30"N 077º49'12"W

B 33º56'42"N 077º31'30"W

C 33º36'30"N 077º47'06"W

D 33º28'24"N 078º32'30"W

E 32º59'06"N 078º50'18"W

F 31º50'00"N 080º33'12"W

G 31º27'00"N 080º51'36"W and west back to the shore.

Owners may research additional regulations/information at: http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/shipstrike/

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