The project to deepen the channel to 42.0' (12.8 m) is complete. The port has a plan to deepen the Oakland Shipping channels to 50.0' (15.2 m). The two new terminals are already 50.0' (15.2 m).

With the acquisition of the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISCO) from the Navy, and 100.0 acres of Union Pacific Property the port is implementing the Vision 2000 Program. Vision 200 consists of two new marine terminals; new roads; a Joint Intermodal Terminal (handling rail-ship-truck transfers of cargo; and Middle Harbour Shoreline Park.

The first new marine terminal opened in June 2001. The second opened in November 2002. The Joint Intermodal Terminal opened in March 2002. Development of the Middle Harbour Shoreline Park was completed in 2003. The Middle Harbour Enchancement Area adjacant to the Middle Harbour Shoreline Park will consist of 180.0 shallow water acres transformed into a habitat for marine life and waterfowl. In addition, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the port will deepen the Oakland shipping channels to 50.0' to serve the new fleet of port - Panamax container ships.

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