A total of 34 piers, wharves and docks at Humboldt Bay. Located on the W shore of Humboldt Bay on the Samoa Peninsula between the Entrance Channel and the Turning Basin at Samoa; on the E shore of Woodley Island; on the E shore in Eureka; and on the E shore of South Bay in Fields Landing.


At Fields Landing on the eastern shore of the South Bay there is a lumber wharf. Humboldt Bay Forest Products Wharf  is 600.0 feet long with a depth alongside of 34.0 feet MLLW and is used for shipment of lumber and logs.

On the E shore, about 3 miles N of the entrance, there are two (2) oil piers. Chevron USA Wharf  is 263.0 feet in length with a depth alongside of 35.0 feet MLLW. It is used for receipt of petroleum products. Unocal is n the same vicinity.

Oregon Coast Towing Company Eureka Oil Terminal Pier is in disuse.

Sierra Pacific Industries Dock is used primarily for loading logs and chips, is 144.78 m long with a depth alongside at MLLW of 10.67 m. Located on the Eureka side of the main channel.

Fairhaven, Fairhaven Terminal is operated by Westfall Stevedore Company. The dock is 500.0 feet long and maintains a depth of 38 feet at MLLW. The dock is located 4.9 nm from the HB buoy. The dock is used for shipment of forest products and other general cargoes. For further details, please go to www.westfalleureka.com

Samoa Wharf, on the W shore 1.5 miles farther N, serves large sawmills. Facilities include:
- A dock 1,346 feet long with 38.0 feet depth alongside for shipment of wood chips. 

Samoa Redwood Dock is a timber pile timber decked wharf with timber pile, timber decked extensions on lower and upper sides in line with face. There is a depth of 35.0 feet alongside, and is used for shipment of wood pulp, logs and lumber.

Note: Currently not used for ship traffic.

Eureka, the principal town of the bay, lies 4 miles above the entrance and provides nine berths for recreational, Coast Guard, and fishing vessels along the city waterfront.

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