The following documentation is required.
CF-1300 Master of Oath of Vessel in Foreign Trade 2 1
CF-1301 General Declaration 2 1
CF-1302 Cargo Declaration (Cargo Manifest) 2 1
CF-1303 Ships Stores Declaration 2 1
CF-1304 Crews Effects Declaration 2 1
I-418 Crew List 2  
I-418 Passenger List (same as Crew List, but to be presented on separate sheets) 2  

Immigration officials request a copy of the Crew List to be supplied by the vsl's agent prior to vsl's arrival in order to check the names against their books, prior to visiting the vessel. This avoids the need to take the books to the vsl. The usual procedure is for a visaed Crew List to be couriered to the agent from the previous port or for the vessel to fax a copy to the agent.

The vessel's agent must take to the Customs Office the following current and valid ships documents for safe keeping until the vessel is properly cleared:

1. Ship's Register
2. CFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility)
Note; If the name of the operator on the CFR differs from owner's name on the Certificate of Registry, CFR must have an original signed letter ont he owner's letterhead stating that the operator shown on the CFR is the responsible party. A copy of the bareboat charter will also suffice.
3. Loadline certificate.
4. Safetey Equipment Certificate.
5. Safety Construction Certificate.
6. International Tonnage Certificate.
7. US Tonnage Tax receipts
8. Last Port clearance.

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