There are no suitable anchorages available for tankers of any size in the Port of Sullom Voe.

Vessels are permitted to anchor in Colgrave Sound (60 deg. 35'N, 00 deg. 57'W) approximately when circumstances dictate that this is appropriate.

In addition, the following guidance to the usage of Colgrave Sound is relevant and all vessels intending to anchor there should comply with the advice given herein:

1. Colgrave Sound is used extensively by fishing crafts throughout the year and Masters of other vessels are requested and required to give such fishing vessels a wide berth.

2. Three designated anchorages in Colgrave Sound have been identified as being suitable for large vessels and clear of established fishing grounds. These anchorages should be used in preference to any other area of Colgrave Sound.

Weather/overall conditions in the period of October to May often preclude the use of Colgrave Sound.

3. Colgrave Sound is outwith the Sullom Voe Harbour Area and also outwith the extended are of coverage of the Harbour surveillance radar.

4. To this end any vessel (including oil rigs, oil exploration vessels, barges and supply craft) wishing to anchor in Colgrave Sound is requested, in the first instance, to contact Sullom Voe VTS. The vessel will then be advised which designated anchorage is believed to be unoccupied and which may therefore be used by the vessel.

5. The designated anchorages are identified by the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and also by bearing and distance of the White Hill Light House (Lat. 60 deg. 34.9'N;Long. 01 deg. 001.1'W) as follows:

- Anchorage 1. White Hill Light House brg. 283 deg. T x 1.50 M
- Anchorage 2. White Hill Light House brg. 253 deg. T x 0.95 M
- Anchorage 3. White Hill Light House brg. 260 deg. T x 1.68 M

6. Masters of vessels making use of any of the designated anchorages are requested to provide Sullom Voe VTS with details of their anchorage position when brought up.

Masters should beware of two (2) submarine oil pipelines on the East side of Shetland. Except when advised othersise, Masters should proceed to a point twenty miles off Gruney Island (60 deg. 39.0'N, 01 deg. 18.0'W).

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