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The Shell Haven Oil refinery officially ceased production in 1999. Since then it has been undergoing major demolition and decontamination processes and it is expected to do so for the next two-three years. Once the clean-up of the old oil refinery site has been completed The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P & O) and Shell UK Limited will immense their developments to create a major container and ro-ro port and commercial centre.

According to reports, Shell Haven will be a tri-modal port, using sea, rail and road to move cargo and it will include a 2.3 km long container quay and two ro-ro berths. The new port will be designed to handle 3.5m TEU a year.

It is also expected to serve biggest of ships therefore a dredging operations is planned, namely to dredge a 14.5m channel, up to 16.5 m at the Sunk.

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