Tonnage dues


12. Tonnage Dues from vessels of groups A, B and D shall be collected for each inward and outward passage per 1 cu m according to the following rates (in USD):

Port For foreign-going vessels For cabotage vessels
Regular Privileged
Belgorod-Dnestrovsky 0.157 0.076 0.0008
Berdyansk 0.308 0.069 0.0008
Chernomorsk 0.184 0.063 0.0032
Dnepro-Bugsky 0.277 0.085 0.0042
Evpatoria 0.184 0.063 0.0046
Izmail 0.194 0.065 0.0024
Ilyichevsk 0.297 0.095 0.0060
Kamyshovaya Bay 0.182 0.077 0.0038
Kerch 0.277 0.089 0.0042
Kherson 0.194 0.068 0.0028
Mariupol 0.254 0.087 0.0024
Mezhvodnoye 0.184 0.063 0.0032
Nikolaev 0.277 0.071 0.0054
Odessa 0.313 0.094 0.0054
Oktyabrsky 0.277 0.085 0.0042
Ochakov 0.265 0.081 0.0051
Reni 0.194 0.062 0.0020
Sevastopol 0.182 0.077 0.0042
Skadovsk 0.277 0.085 0.0054
Theodosia 0.187 0.065 0.0042
Ust-Dunaisk 0.100 0.086 0.0078
Yuzhny 0.383 0.187 0.0144
Yalta 0.331 0.097 0.0090
Other ports (terminals) 0.182 0.062 0.0043
Vessels, calling at ports for performance of procedures, connected with immigration procedures without cargo operations, shall be exempted from payment of tonnage dues.
13. Vessels of Groups E and F shall be exempted from tonnage dues.
14. Tonnage dues according to privileged rates shall be collected from vessels sailing under the national flag of Ukraine and from vessels sailing under the flag of states, with which Ukraine has concluded international agreements, stipulating the granting of most-favoured nation status and national status to vessels at sea ports. 

Tonnage dues rates for vessels in cabotage voyages shall only be applied only to vessels, sailing in cabotage voyages under the Ukrainian flag. 

In cases when maximum draft of large-tonnage vessels indicated in the Measurement Certificate, exceeds the maximum draft established for a specific port, this leading to their partial loading, port authorities shall enjoy the right, when calculating the amount of tonnage dues, to reduce the depth moulded by the size of unused draft.
15. If vessels of Group A during one voyage successively call at several Ukrainian ports, tonnage dues shall be collected as follows:
  • in case of calling at two ports - with a 50 percent discount on the base rate at each port of call;

  • in case of calling at more than two ports - with a 50 percent discount on the base rate at the first port of call, and with a 75 percent discount on the base rate at each subsequent port of call.
16. Tonnage Dues on vessels of group B shall be charged for inward and outward pas-sages at each port of call at rates with 50% discount only for the first and second voyage during one calendar year. During the following calls at port performed during the same calendar year, tonnage dues shall not be collected.
17. For vessels of Group C tonnage dues shall be collected for each entry to port and departure from port at the following rates: 
  1. on foreign-going voyages: 
    • USD 40.5 - per vessel, tug; 
    • USD 20.25 - per unit (barge, lighter); 

  2. on cabotage voyages: 
    • USD 10 - per vessel, tug; 
    • USD 5 - per unit (barge, lighter);


Note: New  "Unified" tonnage dues were introduced with effect from 17 July 2003. 

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