• 1. Ballast Water

Ballast Water

Vessels proceeding to Ukrainian ports, upon entering Black Sea have to change their segregated ballast, coming from foreign ports outside the Black Sea. Proper records have to be made into the ship’s log book. Upon ship’s coming into internal waters and territorial sea of Ukraine all locking devices for discharging of polluting substances, including waters containing such substances, must be locked by ship’s administration. In case the ship is berthed in the port all specified devices must be sealed by the port authorities

It is prohibited to pump out ballast water within Ukrainian territorial waters (12 miles) without special permission of the “State Inspection for Environmental Protection”, granted after taking samples of ballast and processing results of analysis.

Concentration of ingredients not exceeding the following amounts shall constitute positive analysis results:


  • Oil products - 0.05 mg/l
  • Iron - 0.05 mg/l
  • Suspended matters - 0.75 mg/l


The complete list of other ingredients is defined by Norms of Allowed Critical Concentration of the Main Polluting Substances in Internal Sea Waters and Territorial Sea of Ukraine (adopted by Enactment of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 431 dd. 29.03.2002).

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