• 1. Dangerous Cargo Regulations

Dangerous Cargo Regulations

Santander has regulations concerning the handling of dangerous cargoes.

Ships Obligations involved in Working Operations In Port


Flag "B" by day and a red all around light by night, three (3) miles range.

Masters Obligations
The Master will:

- Not allowed to start loading/discharging operations unless in possession of all documents as specified in Art. 24 of Regulations for Handling Dangerous Goods.

- Advise all his officers about risks and preventions in operations with dangerous goods and safety rules in case of emergency.

- Assign an officer to be in touch with the Terminal Operator in order to coordinate working operations and safety rules.

- Distrubute crew personnel in port watches on deck and engine room and have people ready for an emergency to maneuver the ship. Port watches will be accordance with the International Convention - on Standards of
Trainings, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers 1.978 and OMI.

- Ensure a good berthing and anchorage according to ship's size, weather and sea.

- Ensure a quick release mooring, with two good wires, one for and one aft, hanging over the side just at sea surface ready to be towed in case of emergency. When at anchor, the chain must be ready to unshackle

- Have engines ready to sail at any moment. Repairs not allowed unless otherwise authorised by Harbour Master.

- Make sure vessel is always afloat whether alongside or at anchor and in a good condition to manoeuvre.

- No loading/unloading of dangerous goods allowed when weather conditions could increase the risk of such operations.

- Ensure loading/discharging gear is in good condition and manned properly and funnel furnished with anti-sparks gird.

- Forbid smoking on board except in those spaces specified by a written order by Master, with special care when using matches and lighters, notifying these instructions to Terminal Operator.

- Report immediately to the Control Centre of any event that has happened on handling dangerous good affecting ship's security, persons or environment.

- Access is not allowed to closed spaces suspected of dangerous vapours, except with proper equipment, breathing apparatus, masks, etc., and with a written authorisation of the officer on watch.

- Repairs are forbidden on board with welding devices and similar devices unless authorised by Harbour Master.

- In agreement with Harbour Master, a communication system will be available to keep a twenty-four (24) hour watch with Control Centre (VHF Channel 16).

Other Items

- On arrival/departure the ship will be under way at a moderate speed with safety room from other vessel displaying signals which is specified in No. 1 (Art. 25).

- No ship can be alongside another one without written authorisation of Harbour Master and with Agreement of both Captains.

- When loading/discharging dangerous goods, fire-fighting main system and fire extinguishers will be readily available.

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