Towage is compulsory, except for dry cargo vessels under 3,000 GT.

Round the clock service.

There are eight (8) tugs available:

T/B. "Arbeyal": 1,555 HP.
T/B. "Torres": 2,028 HP.

T/B. "Dobra": 2,230 HP.
T/B. "Narcea": 2,510 HP.
T/B. "Nalon": 2,510 HP.
T/B. "Sella": 2,724 HP.
T/B. "Navia": 4,000 HP.
T/B. "Cares": 4,000 HP.

Fire Fighting Tugs

All tugs servicing the port have fire fighting equipment. Independently, the ocean going tug "Alonso de Chaves" is permanently based in the Port of Gijon, on a 24 hr a day stand bay, for salvage distress calls etc.

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