• 2. Tariffs


Agency fees are subject to negotiation, with no official guidelines available. For members guidance the Singapore Shipping Association discontinued it's recommended agency fees effective 1 January 2006 in compliance with the Singapore Competition Act 2004.

A value added tax called "Goods and Services Tax" or GST is levied at the rate of 4%. For ships in international trade, the following items are zero-rated provided it relates to a "ship" as defined under the GST Act.

  • The supply, including the letting on hire of a ship
  • The repair, maintenance, broking or managing a ship
  • The transport of goods or passengers to or from a place outside Singapore or between two places outside Singapore
  • Wharfage and cargo handling charges for services provided in the free trade zone designated areas in a port
  • Shipping agents charges/fees
  • Supplies, stores, spare parts and fuel supplied direct to the ship for a voyage to a destination outside Singapore
  • Salvage, pilotage, and towage services
  • Survey and classification services
  • Ship management - e.g.: provision of crews, scheduling voyages,arranging chartering, drydocking and repairs
  • Insurance of ships and international cargoes

Items subject to GST:

  • General legal fees
  • Audit, accountancy and taxation fees
  • Hire of equipment in Singapore such as office equipment
  • General overheads such as computer services, telecommunications, stationary, office rental 

Definition of a "ship" as per Section 21 (4a) of the GST Act: 

"ship" means a ship (including an oil rig) which is not designed or adapted for use for recreation or pleasure and excludes any vessel licensed under the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Act (Cap. 170A) as a passenger harbour craft or pleasure craft.



Port tariffs information available here: http://www.mpa.gov.sg/web/portal/home/port-of-singapore/tariffs-and-charges/charges-for-marine-services

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