• 2. Tariffs


Agency fees are subject to negotiation.

Security tax (aka Taxe de Surete et de Securite)
Introduced by the Dakar Port Authority at the rate of 7.30% effective 1 February 2006 on the following port tariff items:

- Quay dues (aka Sojourn)
- Pilotage dues (In & out)
- Port dues on cargo (Inward & Outward)

Agence Nationale des Affaires Maritime (ANAM) fees
Effective 15 August 2011 the following charges will be levied by Agence Nationale des Affaires Maritime

Vessel charge to be paid by owner
A fixed charge of FCFA 2,295,850.00 (Euros 3,500.00) per vessel calling at a Senegalese port for commercial operations only.

50% of the charge to be paid prior vessels arrival and the balance within 30 days after vessels departure.

Cargo charge to be paid by shipper / receiver
Charged on all cargo imported / exported at a fixed rate of FCFA 200.00 per ton cargo.

Exemption is given to staple products such as rice, food oils, sugar, cereals, garlic, potatoes, onions and milk or to exported fruit and vegetables.

Payment of this tax will be required before the cargo is delivered or collected.

A Value Added Tax (locally called T.V.A.) of 18% is levied on agency fees and towage. Foreign companies can not obtain refunds.

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