• 2. Tariffs


Agency fees are subject to negotiation, although a recommended scale of agency fees has been issued by the Panama Chamber of Shipping.

Panama Canal's clarification of representation by shipping agents
Panama Canal Authority's Maritime Operations (MR) Advisory to Shipping No. A-18-2001 dated 31 January 2001

“It has been a long-standing practice that vessels transiting the Panama Canal and performing harbour operations are represented by the same local shipping agent who arranges for the transit; however, in many instances the cargo is represented by a different local agent. This dual representation (transit/cargo) is arranged without ACP knowledge nor involvement, therefore, ACP will continue working only with the shipping agency responsible for the transit and will not provide separate billing to different agencies.“

Lights & buoys fees 
The current charges are as follows: 

Vessels loading and / or discharging cargo: USD 0.05 per GT per call
Vessels not performing cargo operations: USD 0.02 per GT per call
Vessels transiting the Panama Canal are exempted from lights and buoys fees.


Pollution control fee
A pollution control fee was introduced on 1 December 1998 by the Panamanian government to fund pollution control in Panamanian waters.

The pollution control fee is levied at the rate of USD 0.02 per GRT in the following cases:

  • Vessels berthing in any Panamanian port
  • Vessels lifting fuel ex barge
  • Vessels which have an extended stay (48 hours or more) at  anchorage for reasons other than awaiting Panama Canal transit

Vessels transiting the Panama Canal are currently exempt from paying the pollution control fee

Value Added Tax
VAT is levied at the rate of 5% on all services provided by ships' agent such as, but not limited to:

  • Agency Fees for Docking
  • Petties & Incidentals
  • Internet Access Fee
  • Container Tracking Fee
  • Attending Crewmembers
  • Documentation Fees
  • Brokerage Fees
  • Car Hire / Transportation
  • Freight Commissions
  • Container Demurrage / Detention Fee
  • Insurance Fee on Cash Advances
  • Other Miscellaneous Agency Services


  • Agency fees charged for transiting vessels.
  • Booking fees 


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