• 1. Ballast Water

Ballast Water

BIMCO has been informed that with the new ballast water regulations, Norway is basically implementing the International Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC), with the exception of requiring ships to have ballast water treatment system (BWTS) installed, but that requirement will be enforced once the BWMC enters into force.

All ships carrying ballast water taken up outside an area as shown in map 1.1  must treat or exchange the ballast water before discharging it inside Norwegian territorial waters.

Alternatively, ballast water could be delivered to shore reception facilities but currently, Norway has no such facilities available. It is doubtful whether shore reception facilities for ballast water capable of handling the normal ballast water capacities of ships trading to and from Norway are a realistic possibility, therefore this is not seen as a viable solution.

This means that the ballast water has to be exchanged, and such exchanges must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the BWMC, which are copied into the Norwegian regulation.

As the third option, ships must exchange the ballast water in ballast water exchange areas as defined in map 1.2 .

As in accordance with the convention, ships are not required to exchange ballast water if it represents a safety risk and ships are furthermore not required to deviate from their intended course or to delay the voyage to carry out ballast water exchange.

The regulation has one additional element relative to the BWMC. If the ballast water exchange cannot be carried out outside 200 nm or 50 nm or in the BWE areas, the ship is required to carry out the BWE as far from the coast as possible on its voyage to the port. This addition is not a requirement and it is thus up to the Master’s judgment to carry out such exchange, based on whether this is practical and represents some risk reduction

As required by the BWMC, all ships must have a BWM plan on board and accordingly record all ballast water operations in a BW Record Book or in the Deck Log Book.


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