• 2. Tariffs


Agency fees are subject to negotiation, however, recommended scale of agency fees are issued by the New Zealand Association of Shipping Agents Inc. which can be used as a guide.

Value Added Tax
Sources advise: "New Zealand operates a form of Value Added Tax called "Goods and Services Tax"(GST). A standard rate of 12.5% generally applies to all goods supplied and services performed in New Zealand, regardless of the residence or physical location of the recipient. All Port Disbursements will therefore usually be subject to 12.5% GST, non-refundable to the non-resident shipping operator. It should be noted, however, that some relatively complex "zero rating" provisions apply (ie. whereby GST is charged at the rate of 0% - effectively reducing the GST impost to nil) which may effect the imposition of GST in respect of some Port Dues, for example, in certain circumstances.


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