Pilotage company: Centre Port Ltd.
Contacting pilot: Call "Pilots Wellington" on VHF Ch 16 (listening) and 14 (working), Duty Pilot may be contacted on Tel: +64 4 495 3800 (office hours) or Tel: +64 4 388 7795 (out of office hours) email: pilot@centreport.co.nz.

Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 500GT, except where Masters hold a current Pilotage Exemption Certificate for Wellington Harbour and the vessel does not exceed 145m in length or 8,000GT.
Initial ETA to pilot station should be sent 24 hours prior to arrival. Updated ETA messages are required 4 hours prior to arrival, with a final confirmation one hour before arrival. ETA's can be sent direct to the pilots or via the ship's agent.
Contact can be established via VHF when approx 4 hours away. If coming down the E coast then the Ch 04 repeater on Cape Palliser can be used. Vessels approaching from the W can use Ch 62 repeater on the N end of South Island. These repeaters are direct contacts with Wellington Harbour Radio.
The ETA message should include the vessel's ETA at the pilot station, maximum draught, freeboard and any deficiencies, which may affect the pilotage or boarding.
Other ETA's: Vessels carrying dangerous products, such as tankers, should contact the Harbour Master 48 hours prior to arrival advising the dangerous goods being carried.
Pilot boarding positions:

Alpha41°23.9'S 174°49.5'E
Bravo41°23.9'S 174°50.1'E
Charlie41°23.6'S 174°48.2'E
Delta41°19.6'S 174°51.5'E

If a pilot is overcarried, for whatever reason, he will leave at the next port. If the vessel is proceeding deep sea then at the closest New Zealand port.

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