Compulsory for vessels greater than 100GT and over LOA 40m. Pilot should be ordered as indicated in the ETA procedures, by 1500hrs of the last weekday immediately before the service is required. (Examples: If pilots, etc, are needed at weekend, the deadline is 1500hrs, Fri. If service is needed in the evening of a weekday, the deadline is 1500hrs of that day).
There is no deadline and no penalty for the cancellation or postponement of Port Nelson Ltd services.
Pilot district: The seaward limit of pilotage is the arc of a circle, radius 3nm, centred on Boulder Bank disused lighthouse (41°15.3'S 173°15.9'E).
Pilot station is 3.25nm (41°12.8'S 173°14.4'E) NNW of Main Entrance.

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