• 2. Environmental Regulations

Environmental Regulations

All vessels, from the smallest recreational boat to the largest containership must comply with the environmental regulations that protect New Zealand’s seas for everybody.
New Zealand's Marine Protection Rules are made by the Ministry of Transport to stop or control discharges of waste, including oil, chemicals and garbage. Anyone who breaks these rules could have big fines to pay.
Maritime New Zealand also has a responsibility to prevent marine pollution caused by the dumping and disposal of waste in our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). New Zealand’s EEZ goes out to 200 nautical miles from land.
There are also other groups who have responsibility for our coastal and marine environment:

• Regional Councils
• Department of Conservation
• Ministry of Fisheries
• Biosecurity New Zealand
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
• Ministry for the Environment.

The usual international air pollution regs from vessel’s funnel
Permission required from Harbourmaster for any painting over the ship’s side


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