The pilotage district comprises all port waters between the parallel of 39°25.0'S and 39°29.0'S, to the W of Long176°59.0'E. Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over LOA 40m.
Inbound vessels should contact Napier Pilot Control 1 hour prior to arrival on VHF Ch 16 for conformation of pilot boarding position ad time.
The pilot boards vessels less than 7.3m draught at Anchor Berth No 1, 2nm E of the breakwater and vessels drawing more than 7.3m at Anchor Berth No 2, 4nm NE of the breakwater unless instructed otherwise by Napier Harbour Control.
Pilot ladders: Pilots and officials embark and disembark on pilot ladders in accordance with New Zealand pilot ladder regulations. Ladders should be rigged 1.5m above water level with a lee from the swell.

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