Two days before arrival of vessel the ship's agent has to inform the Port Administration by completing the appropriate forms.

Copies of completed forms must also be submitted to the Harbour Master, Health Officer, Immigration, Customs and Security for preparation of services.


The pilot may berth the vessel on request of the ship's agent only after obtaining clearance from the above Port Officials.


Before departure, port clearance is issued by the Harbour Master after clearance has been obtained from Customs, Port Health Officer and Immigration.


Health Documents

- Maritime Declaration of Health.

- Deratting (Exemption) Certificate.

- Vaccination Certificate (Smallpox, Cholera).

- Health Book or Bill of Health.


Ship's Certificate


Sea Worthness 
Ship's Safety Construction 
Cargo Safety Equipment
Ship's Safety Radio 
International Load Line 
Derating Exemption Certificate 
Tonnage Certificate 
Class of Machinery 
10  Class of Hull 



Certificate of Insurance of other Security in Respect of Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage/CLC 
12  International Oil Pollution Prevention
13  Officer Dispensation/Safe Manning 
14  Fire Extinguisher
15  Inflatable Life Raft 
16  Document of Compliance 
17  Safety Management Certificate (SMC)
18  Port State Control (PSC) 
19  Clearance Last Port 
20  Bill of Lading/Cargo Document 
21  Port Health Book 

The General Agency Certificate (Surat Keagenan Umum) is a document issued by the Directorate General of Sea Communication stating that a certain authorized company in Indonesia has been appointed as the Ship's Agent (as a guarantor), therefore this document is essential.


Customs and Cargo Documents

Copies of Cargo Manifest, Bill of Lading and Ship's Store List should be delivered to the Port Administration and Customs via the agent. Vessels loading/discharging cargo have to get a Customs permit.


Ship's Stores

Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, matches, spirits, wine, beer, perfume, fire-arms, ammunition and possibly some other items have to be locked up under Custom's seal from time of arrival of vessel in port until time of leaving territorial waters. Each person is allowed to bring in 200 cigarettes or the equivelant in grams of tobacco or cigars ashore without paying import duty. Special allowances is made for the Ship's Master under special circumstances.



The attention of the Ship's Master is called to the strict enforcement of Indonesian Regulations against smuggling and private trading. Illegal possession of such items as narcotics, liquors, ammunition and similar weapons or other articles of contraband are subject to severe penalty and may result in prolonged delay of the vessel concrned if action is taken by the authorities.


All precaution must be taken to prevent the violation of contraband laws.


Ship Masters are requested to inform the ship's officers and crew of foregoing regulations pertaining to contraband, shore liberty, etc, and to be assured that all personnel has understood this completely.

It is of outmost importance that the lists concerning Personal Effects and Stores are completed with great care as the Authorities are liable to carry out a detailed check and any discrepancies can lead to heavy fines.



Each crew member should be in possession of a passport and Seaman's Book. A crew member having no passport is required to carry a Seaman Identification Card (SIC). A re-entry permit from the country concerned is sufficient if there is no passport available.

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