Drafts are subject to fluctuations according to the rise of tide and the conditions of governing bars. The Port Trust publishes a monthly draft forecast, six (6) weeks in advance, copies of which are available at the Harbour Master's (River) office at 4 Garden Reach Road, Calcutta 700 023, and also with Manager (Marine Operations), Haldia Dock Complex, Chiranjubpur, P.O. Haldia, District Midnapore.

The River Hooghly can generally be navigated as far as Calcutta during the period:-

June to October
At High Water Springs by vessels drawing 8.7 m draft and at High Water Neaps by vessels drawing 8 m.

October to June
By vessels drawing between 6.7 to 8.2 m draft.

It is always important to check the anticipated draft before committing larger vessels to Calcutta.

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