Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels exceeding 200GT and is available throughout 24 hours. Minimum of 24 hours advance notice, confirm ETA at least 3 hours prior to arrival, to agents and deputy conservator, JNPT, Fax: +91 22 2724 4170, Email: jawahar@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in. Inbound vessels are required to contact "Jawaharlal Port Control" on VHF Ch 13 and VTS Mumbai, ie, Mumbai Port on VHF Ch 12 to report ETA and receive instructions. Vessels must not proceed beyond E of Long 072°44'E without being instructed to do so.
Pilot will embark by a pilot launch, black hull and green superstructure with the legend "Pilot" on the side, in position 1.7nm SE of Prongs Reef Lighthouse. The pilot launch is equipped with VHF Ch 13, radar and searchlight and displays the usual pilot jack during daylight hours and pilot lights at night. In monsoon conditions pilot boards inside the channel.
Whilst Jawaharlal Nehru Port pilot may give advice and communicate directly on VHF Ch 13 to incoming vessels, overall co-ordination of shipping at pilotage ground rests with the Mumbai VTS. During the SW monsoon season, a long swell prevails at the port entrance and the pilot launch may experience difficulties in coming alongside. At such times, masters may be instructed to steam to a position approx 1nm SE of Sunk Rock Lighthouse, where a better lee is obtained. Masters will be advised which side to make a lee by the pilot, for incoming vessels it is usually starboard side.

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