• 1. Ballast Water

Ballast Water

Harbour Master and Technical Superintendents are authorised to execute control of ballast water.

Technical Superintendents check ballast water cleanliness at their discretion on any or every vessel within the Territorial Waters of Croatia.

Should analysis show ballast water uncleanliness, it is then regarded as disposal (per Article 77 of the Maritime Code). Apart from possible fine for environmental pollution, the direct consequence of prohibited ballast discharge reverts to the impossibility of discharging cargo.

The Republic of Croatia has no special regulation pertaining to "ballast water", however, general rules governed by Regulations on the Protection of Environment are in force. Technical Superintendents are guided by IMO Resolution A868(20) adopted on the 27th of November, 1997 under "Guidelines for the control and management of ships' ballast water to minimise transfer of harmful..." .

In addition Croatia is the signatory to the International convention for the control and management of ships’ ballast water and sediments (2004).

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