Tariffs applicable to Taiwan, Province of China

Tonnage dues (referred to as "aids to navigation charge") applicable in Taiwan, Province of China are levied as follows:

  • TWD 2.00 per NT. Certificate valid for one trip/call. (Effective 31 May 2000)
  • TWD 6.00 per NT. Certificate valid for an unlimited number of calls within 4 months of vessel's first call. However, if within the initial 4 month validity period the vessel only makes one call the certificate can be extended for a further 4 months allowing for one more call.

    In short, once the tonnage dues are paid, its certificate can be used for either as many port calls a vessel can make during the first 4 months, or 2 trip/calls within 8 months after sailing from its first port of call.

Note: The tonnage dues certificate issued on the "Islands" are also valid for vessels calling at other Chinese ports. The periods of validity are the same as those described above, however, it is best to have the certificate on board the vessel when it departs an "Island" port. Furthermore, unlike other Chinese ports the country of registration has no influence.

Harbour services dues
are charged at TWD 0.50 per GT per call (effective 1 January 2002) at all ports, except Mai-Liao, which is an exclusive industrial port of Formosa Plastics Group.

The harbour services dues, together with other port charges and dues must be paid to the Harbour Bureau prior to vessel's arrival.

Harbour cleaning maintenance fees are compulsory and charged for the vessel's entire stay in port, whether at anchorage, buoy or wharf. This fee should not be confused with garbage disposal charges.

Every vessel whether mooring at wharves or by buoys or in anchorage, shall be charged as hereunder stipulated for harbour maintenance during its stay commencing anchorage till departure from harbour. 

Classification TWD per day
Vessels less than 5,000 G/T 197.00
Vessels of 5,000 G/T or more but less than 15,000 G/T 375.00
Vessels of 15,000 G/T or more 552.00


  1. 50% discount for vessels below 500 G/T.
  2. 100% surcharge for international passenger liner or tourist vessel. 
  3. 30% surcharge applicable to operations during 0800 to 1700 hours on non-working Saturdays (2nd and 4th week of every month),  Sundays and National Holidays.
  4. 90% discount for yachts.
  5. Carriers shall self-dispose the waster or refuses in their hatches.


Chinese Petroleum Corp.'s  off-shore monobuoy terminal charges includes mooring master (equivalent to pilotage), mooring line (mooring / unmooring) and working boat (towage, etc...). In addition to the aforementioned charges, the vessel must pay tonnage dues, quarantine fee, agency fees and expenses.

Timekeeper / co-ordinator
is appointed by the vessel's agent in order to comply with Harbour Bureau regulations. His duties are to act on behalf of the vessel as a liaison officer between the vessel and Harbour Bureau to supervise the vessel's (cargo) operations and keep a line record of all operations. See remarks on supervision fees in the voyage related section.

Agency fees
The National Association of Shipping Agencies is no longer involved in issuing recommended scales.

A Value Added Tax of 5% is levied. 

Sources have explained the application of this tax as follows:

For vessels in both the international and coastal trades, the following items are subject to the tax: harbour service dues, dockage, buoy charges, harbour cleaning maintenance charges, towage, mooring/unmooring, shifting, launch hire, stevedoring, cranage, tally, fresh water, and agency fees. 

Costs arising from repairs are free of the VAT provided that agents certify that the services were provided to a foreign flagged vessel. 

Sources advise that from a practical point of view, obtaining refunds of the VAT is not possible. 

For vessels in the coastal trade, refunds are definitely not granted.


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