The ship must report its position, course, speed, destination, and ETA relative to the next port to Directemar Valparaiso, via Playa Ancha Radio (CBV) at 8:00 and 20:00 hours on arrival in Chilean waters. (Chile's territorial sea covers 200 miles as measured from the coast).

When ships are waiting, they must radio Port Quintero's Captaincy, signal VHF, Channel 16, in order to confirm their ETA. The cable address is CAPUERTO QUINTERO. All captains are advised that fishing boats and other minor fishing vessels are usually found in Chilean waters. Captains are required to give Puerto Ventanas Agent their Stowing plan and estimated loading sequence. In the case of bulk ships, every effort must be made to restrict the number of manouevres of moored ships while unloading.

It should be remembered that, according to recent regulations issued by the Maritime Authority, every ship from foreign ports is required to change its ballast water at least once before calling at Chilean ports at a distance not less than 12 miles from the Chilean coast. This procedure should be recorded in the engine's logbook, with indication of the latitude and longitude of the manoeuvre, amount of water replaced and total capacity of ballast tanks as well as time and date when the manoeuvre was effected. This action is undertaken in view of the need to protect human lives from any risks relative to water ballast.

Notification of 24 hours prior to land falling, the Captain must advise Quintero Capuerto of the following:

Number of passengers
Amount of dangerous cargo aboard
Sanitary Status, and draught.


When the vessel is at least 4 hours from the port, call CBV- 21 via VHF channel 16. Attendance 24 hours.

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