Masters must report their position, courses, speed and ETA next port as soon as they enter Chilean national waters. Chilean waters extend to 200 miles from the coast line.
These reports must be sent to "Directemar - Valparaìso" (Chilean Maritime Authority).
Telex.: 330607 - 230602
Fax.: +56 32 208662

Thereafter masters must report their position, course and speed at 08:00 and 20:00 hours lt every day for the period they are still sailing in Chilean waters.
If ships are calling at a Chilean port, then the ETA to this port must also be included.


Prior entering Puerto Natales vessels must transit the Kirke Channel, for which purpose one of the two strait pilots must be recognized as a kirke pilot.

Transit of this channel can only be effected at dead tide, either  low or high, and in order to know exactly when to pass it, the use of a launch from Puerto Natales is mandatory.

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