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Chilean Ballast Regulations

As per Chilean Coast Guard Regulations, all vessels arriving from foreign ports with seawater ballast on board, must change all ballast water prior to entering Chilean Waters, in case vessel is required to deballast during operations in the port.


The change of ballast must take place at least 12 nm off the Chilean Coast Line. This must be registered in deck/engine log books with following details:


A) Where: Register position where ballast change took place.

B) Volume: Tons of water removed and percentage according to toal ballast capacity. 

C) Date/Hour: Must be registered in log book.


The recording of this information is very important as the Maritime Port Authority will inspect log book upon vessel's arrival to the port.


If regulations have not been complied with, ballast water will have to be treated chemically 24 hours prior to deballasting, thus delaying port opearations.


Upon vessel's arrrival at the Pilot Station or when the vessel is alongside the berth, a representative from the Port Captain's Office will request to pump some ballast over board for inspection, selecting tanks at random.

The vessel may also be requested to produce 250.0 ml of samples from these ballast tanks. Please be aware that there are no shore facilities at the terminal for receiving dirty or contaminated ballast.


Vessels discharging anything other than uncontaminated ballast will incur heavy penalties as prescribed by Chilean Law.

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