Ship's length 


Tugs required


Bollard pull required 


30.0-60.0 m 2 Minimum 5.0 BP
61.0-90.0 m  Minimum 10.0 BP 
91.0-120.0 m Minimum 25.0 BP 
121.0-150.0 m Minimum 30.0 BP 
151.0-230.0 m  Minimum 40.0 BP 
231.0-242.0 m  Minimum 43.0 BP 


For Cabo Negro Terminal


Generally the lines to be used are: Four (4) long lines from the stern to the dolphin (mooring post) and four (4) from the bow to the dolphin, three (3) Traverse lines from stern to stern dolphin and three (3) to the bow dolphin. Finally two (2) stern spring lines and two (2) bow spring lines to the pier’s bits (4-3-2).


The manuevres of berthing and unberthing at the terminal of Cabo Negro will be carried out only during the ebb tide windows according to the Chilean Tide Table, Second Narrow. For more information regarding the availables times for mooring/unmooring please contact the agency.


Two (2) launches for assistance of lines must be used while manuevering (berthing or unberthing) at Berth No. 1. At Berth No. 2 one (1) launch is requested for unmooring and two (2) launches for mooring.

Fire Fighting Tugs

There are no fire fighting tugs available. Available from Punta Arenas.

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