Cabo Negro Terminal
Pilotage is compulsory for all national and foreign flag ships for mooring/unmooring. The port pilot, who comes from Punta Arenas, embarks at the waiting zones for port pilots at the limit of the port. It is compulsory to employ local port pilots for berthing/unberthing. Pilotage must be carried out with slack water.
Strait of Magellan Pilotage
Pilotage is compulsory for all foreign flag ships navigating in the Strait of Magellan. Ordering of pilotage must be made through a ship agency.
A local pilot boards at Possession Bay (lat. 52 deg. 22'00" S - long. 69 deg. 05'00" W) for westbound voyages and disembarks at Cabo Negro. For eastbound ships a pilot boards at Punta Arenas (lat. 53 deg. 10'20" S - long. 70 deg. 51'06" W).
Ships with LOA of 200.0 m must embark two (2) strait pilots.


Strait of Magellan Pilotage Important Points

Pilotages are compulsory for the eastern part of the strait, from Possession Bay at the atlantic entrance to Punta Arenas or vice versa. The westen part of the strait is not compulsory and pilotages from Ancud (41deg 02’ S - 73. deg 50’07’’ W) or Felix
(52. deg 55’ S - 74. deg 00' W) to Punta Arenas can be arranged as per Masters+Owners request. Besides, if ship calls a Chilean port as Punta Arenas and then call another Chilean port as Valparaiso for example or vice versa the pilotage will be compulsory from the departure port or Ancud pilot’s station to Punta Arenas or vice versa.


The request of pilot to embark at Possession Bay, Punta Arenas or Felix have to be made with at least 48 hours in advance. So please keep us advice in order to coordnate the pilot accordingly. The request of pilots for the full leg (Possession Bay or Punta Arenas to Ancud) has to be made with at least 72 hours in advance.


While navigating in Chilean waters, please report daily at 08:00 and 20:00lt  to the Chilean Maritime Authority/Chilrep, with your position/speed/route/last and next port to any of the following numbers:


Tel.:  + 56 32 281022, 208474, 208486

Fax.:  + 56 32 281099
Telex:  34-330630, 330457

E-mail Port Control at Punta Delgada: cppuntadelgada@directemar.cl
E-mail Port Control at Punta Arenas: opercppta@directemar.cl
E-mail address (general): cbvradio@directemar.cl
e-mail address (general) : mrccchile@directemar.cl



For your ready reference local summer time (october/march) is GMT –3, and local winter time (march/october) is GMT -4.

Pilotage from Possession Bay to Punta Arenas (compulsory leg)

From Possession Bay to Punta Arenas or vice versa (ships proceeding via Atlantic side)

(including the navigation to/from the terminals within as Clarencia Terminal, Gregorio Terminal, Cabo Negro Terminal and Laredo Terminal).

Following are the coordinates to embark/disembark pilots at Possession Bay

At Possession Bay at 2 miles to the east of the platform line: lat.:  52 deg. 22' S - long. 069 deg. 00' W.


Remark: If the weather conditions at Possession Bay are not good the Port Control at Punta Delgada will instruct you to proceed for Punta Delgada to take or disembark the pilot in the following coordinates: Lat. 52 deg. 26' S - long. 069 deg.28' W.

The Port Control at Punta Delgada is always listening on channel VHF 16 and they will contact you to coordinate the pilot transference.


The pilot boat at Possession Bay is "Ñandu" and she also listens to VHF ch. 16 at all times.


Following are the coordinates to embark/disembark pilots at Punta Arenas


Lat. 53 deg. 10'43" S - long. 70 deg. 54'06" W.
Lat. 53 deg. 10'53" S - lpng. 70 deg. 53'27" W.
Lat. 53 deg. 11'19" S - long. 70 deg. 53'27" W.
Lat. 53 deg. 11'19" S - long. 70 deg. 54'06" W.



The pilot bureau at Punta Arenas is informed by the Port Control or the agency about the arrival of the ships or the pilot boarding time, so if you call on VHF channel 16 to "Punta Arenas Pilot Station" nobody will answer. Instead you can contact "Punta Arenas Port Control" or "Ultramar" to coordinate or re-confirm the pilot boarding time.


Pilotage from Felix to Punta Arenas or Vice Versa (non-compulsory leg)

This pilotage is not compulsory and can be requested as per ship or owner’s request with at least 48 hours notice.


Following are the coordinates to embark/disembark pilots at Felix
Lat. 52 deg. 55' S - long. 74 deg. 00’ W (a beam of Felix Lighthouses).


Applications for ordering the pilotage must be recieved by the agent at least two (2) working days in advance. These must contain the following information:
- Vessels's name.
- IMO number.
- Flag.
- Port of registry.
- GRT, NRT, LOA, drafts.
- Previus and next port of call.
- Number of crew members and their nationalities.
- List of dangerous cargoes on board.
The Master must keep the agent informed about ETA within 72, 48 and 12 hours prior to arrival.

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