The barrier free deep harbour covers an area of some 40 km (15 sq. miles) but the principal activities are concentrated at three points, North Sydney, Syd-Port Industrial Park and Sydney.

North Sydney
Is the mainland terminus for Marine Atlantic which operates a daily passenger and freight service to Newfoundland. Transport Canada wharves handle fresh and frozen fish and are used
for general cargo and by the off-shore exploration industry. Private wharves with depths of 3.6 - 4.9 m (12'-16') alongside. Ship repair facilities including five slipways. Electricity, oil and fresh water available.

Syd-Port Industrial park
Situated on the Westmount side of Sydney Harbour. Wharves operated by Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation Outer face (E) main jetty 260 m with a depth alongside of 11.5 m.; Inner Basin (E) (W) 335 m. x 6.1 m; Inner Basin (N) 135 m. x 6.2 m.; Inner Basin (E) 230 m. x 8.2 m.;Defence Jetty (E) face 230 m. x 6.4 m. to 5.2 m.; Defence Jetty (N) face 183 m. x 5.8 m. to 3.0 m. The complex is used
for bulk handling, containers, and heavy lift cargoes. This is also used as a cruise line terminal, petroleum and liquid cargoes, fishing industry, and labour. Open storage is available and the offshore industry is also served.

Provincial Energy Ventures   
Pier no. 1: No longer used.
Pier no. 3: Berthing length 213 m (700'), water depth 12.5 m (41').
Pier no. 4: Berthing length 218 m (715'), water depth 12.5, (41').

Operates one coal pier: Pier No. 4: The main pier, has a berthing length of 247 m (810') and
9.1 m (30') depth alongside.

Port of Sydney Development Corporation Dock
Berthing length 280 m, depth alongside 12 m (39'). Rail connected and equipped with bonded warehouse, open 
storage areas and pipelines for oil and fresh water.

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