SINDINAVE - Covering the ports of the State of Bahia

Agency fees at ports in the State of Bahia issued by SINDINAVE (Sindicato das Agências de Navegação do Estado da Bahia)

Established by the Chamber of Shipping of the State of Bahia. Scale of fees applicable to ports and out-terminals in the Bay of Todos os Santos, Ilhéus and Camamu.

Effective 1 June 2008

and Ilheus
Dow Quimica
Madre de Deus
São Roque
A. Charterers' or owner's agent
For handling vessel's loading or discharging:
1. Dry cargo    
  Up to 10,000 tons 4,800.00 5,520.00
  10,001 - 20,000 tons 5,520.00 6,350.00
  20,001 - 50,000 tons 6,350.00 7,300.00
  50,001 tons and up 7,300.00 8,395.00
2. Liquid or Gas Cargoes    
  Up to 50,000 tons 5,870.00 6,750.00
  50,001 - 100,000 tons 6,750.00 7,775.00
  100,001 tons and up 7,775.00 8,950.00
B. Owners' Protecting Agent
Acting for third party (when not consigned to a third party item "D" to apply): 
1. Looking after funds for payment of disbursements for Owners' account and handling normal crew matters  3,020.00 3,475.00
2. Attending solely in advisory capacity, handling neither cargo, nor funds, nor crew matters 3,020.00 3,475.00
C. Full Agent
When Charterers' and Owners' interests are combined in one and the same agent, the fees under item "A" will be increased by


D. Charterers' Protecting Agent Acting for Charterers' interests when vessel is consigned to a third party

E. Passenger Vessels
For calls of up to 24 hours, all formalities with landing or embarking passengers to be handled by tour operator or subject to prior negotiation, or item "G.1" to apply


F. Bunkering and other calls
(If more than one service is rendered only the higher applicable rate is to apply).
1. For bunkering, provisions and/or water, for landing or embarking passengers or crewmembers 3,130.00 -
2. For attending to crew problems of any kind, including medical treatment or hospitalisation, or for landing corpses for embalming or burial 3,780.00 -
3. For carrying out repairs of any kind 5,590.00 6,430.00
4. In cases of fire or collision with other vessels 6,345.00 7,300.00
Note: All of the above fees are applicable for up to 6 days stay in port, after which an additional 10% of the relevant agency fee will be charged for each additional day or fraction thereof. The sole exceptions are passenger vessels, which after one day will be charged an additional 10% per day or fraction thereof.

In case a vessel berths at more than one terminal during the same call, an additional 50% of the original fee to apply.
G. Irrespective of the agency fees charged to the vessel, the following charges will apply:    
1. For each crew member or passenger embarked or landed 320.00 370.00
2. For each stowaway until the vessel's departure 1,950.00 2,460.00
2.1 After vessel's departure, per each stowaway per day until he/they leave Brazil 200.00 250.00
3. Assisting in Port Captain or Federal Police or similar official inquest 980.00 1,400.00
4. For handling spare parts air freighted to or from the vessel, for each airway bill 285.00 330.00
5. For coordination of bunkers delivery (by barge) 500.00 600.00
H.1. None of the above rates cover services which can be considered as extraordinary, such as taking legal steps to protect Owners' interests, collecting freights or general average contributions, vessels aground, oil pollution, etc.
2. 5% Municipal tax (called ISS-Imposto Sobre Servicos) will apply to all of the above-mentioned rates.
3. In accordance with Brazilian Central Bank regulations, the provision of funds by the Principal to his Agent must be made in advance and be fully at his disposal, before arrival of the vessel.


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