SINDASC - Covering the ports of Itajai, Imbituba and Sao Francisco do Sul

Reference agency fees for Santa Catarina ports (covering the ports of Itajai, Imbituba and Sao Francisco do Sul) issued by SINDASC (Sindicato das Agências de Navegação Marítima e Comissárias de Despachos do Estado de Santa Catarina) effective 1 June 2009.

A) Charterer's agent  
  When nominated as vessel's official agents:  
  Operation at one berth and up to 10 days in port 4,000.00
  After 10 days for each additional day 75.00
  For each additional berth 400.00
B) Owner's or protecting agents  
  Attending to owner's interest when vessel is consigned to Charterer's agents and up to 10 days in port 2,800.00
  After 10 days for each additional day 75.00
C) Full agents  
  When Charterer's and Owner's interested are combined with one and the same agent and operation at one berth only and up to maximum 10 days in port 6,000.00
  After 10 days for each additional day 75.00
  For each additional berth 400.00
D) Advisory agent  
  When acting on behalf of a client, which does not appear as owners / charterer of the vessel, solely attending in advisory capacity, not handling funds, nor crew matters, etc. up to 10 days in port 2,000.00
  After 10 days for each additional day 75.00
E) Vessels calling solely to disembark sick persons, take provisions, fresh water, bunker or repairs without loading / discharging any cargo or passengers:  
  Up to 5 days 2,300.00
  After 5 days for each additional day 75.00
F) Other agency fees  
  Handling deserters, stowaways, hospitalized crewmembers, corpses, embarking and/or disembarking crewmembers, crewmembers who do not rejoin the vessel prior departure, crewmembers that miss the ship:  
  Per crewmember (embarking/disembarking) 300.00
  Per crewmember (for each additional transit port involved) 100.00
  Per corpse 1,250.00
  Per stowaway (up to 5) 2,000.00
  Per stowaway ( more than 5) 2,300.00
  Per stowaway (after 30 running day period of stay in port) 3,900.00
  Handling Port State Control Survey 250.00
  Handling Sanitary Ship Certificate 400.00
  Handling Cash to Master 250.00
  Agency Car hire (per day) 65.00
  Port Pass clearance, per person (including Brazilian nationals) 50.00
G) Handling of on-hire/off-hire of time chartered vessels, including issue of the necessary certificate, but excluding eventual survey expenses 1,750.00
H) Attending of surveys regarding accident, fires, collisions, groundings, sea-protests, fines by smuggling, pollution, damages to other vessels or port installations, disturbances on board, official inquiries, legal steps to protect Owner's interests, collection of freight(s), general average, etc. 2,500.00
I) Passenger ships  
  Up to 7 days in port 4,000.00
  For each subsequent day 325.00
  When landing and/or embarking passengers: additional fee:  
  Up to 12 passengers, for each passenger 70.00
  Over 12 passenger, for each passenger 100.00
J) Towboat supply boats & off-shore services:  
  Up to 3 days 1,600.00
  After 3 days for each additional day 200.00
K) Emergency calls of vessel for landing crew members, stowaways, taking fresh water or bunkers, repairs, etc., up to maximum 5 days in port 3,000.00
L) Handling spare parts clearance, nautical charts, publications, stores, etc., arriving from or destined to abroad, per each handling 350.00
M) Handling cargo claims:  
  3% of the claim, with a minimum charge of: 800.00
N) Handling Port Captaincy inquest:  
  1% of the value involved, with a minimum charge of: 800.00
O) Communications  
  Including: Photocopies, telephone, telex, telefax, email/computer date  
  Up to 7 days 500.00
  After 7 days, per each additional day 50.00
1. Time starts to count as from the date vessel arrives at outer roads and applicable fees as per items A, B, C, D, E, I, J and K.
2. For vessels loading and/or discharging over 10,000 tons, an increase of 15% over items A and C for each additional 10,000 tons or fraction will be charged, except on additional.
3. The provision of funds to cover the proforma disbursements must be done in advance by the Principals to his agents prior vessel’s entry in port and be fully at his disposal prior beginning of the services as per legislation and rules of Brazilian Central Bank (Circular Letter no.3280 dated March 09th,2005).
4. The selling exchange rate prevailing on the vessel’s sailing date to apply.
5. Municipal Tax will be applied over and above all mentioned rates.
6. Letter of Guarantee, deposits in escrow, applications for services and use of facility equipment, etc. on behalf of vessels when undertaken by Agents, under their own responsibility, and when not already covered in cash by Principals are considered as actual disbursements for account purposes.
7. Owner’s minor items as per C/P are to be attended by the agents without charging any additional “agency fee” or similar. Owner’s minor items shall not interfere in the agent’s daily working scope and routine of vessel’s attendance. All above items of this tariff are not considered “minors”.


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