SINDAPAR - Covering the port of Paranaguá

Agency fees covering the port of Paranaguá, effective 15 June 2007, as recommend by SINDAPAR (Sindicato da Agências de Navegação Marítima do Estado do Paraná)


A. Charterer's agents  
  When nominated as vessel's official agents:  
  Operations at one berth and up to 10 days in port 3,442.00
  After 10 days, for each additional day 67.00
  For each additional berth 337.00
B. Owner's agents  
  Attending to owner's interest when vessel is consigned to charterer's agents and up to 10 days in port 2,295.00
  After more than 10 days in port, for each additional day 67.00
C. Full agent  
  When charterer's and owner's interests are combined with one and the same agent and operations at one berth only and up to maxium 10 days in port 4,927.00
  After more than 10 days, for each additional day 67.00
  For each additional berth 337.00
D. Protecting agent  
  Solely attending in advisory capacity, not handling forms, nor crew matters, etc.,  
  Up to 10 days in port 1,350.00
  After more than 10 days, for each additional day 67.00
E. Handling deserters, stowaways, hospitalised crewmembers, embarking and disembarking of crew members, 250.00
  Per crew member (embarking/disembarking) 337.00
  Per stowaway (up to 5) 1,350.00
  Per stowaway (more than 5) 1,620.00
F. Handling of on-hire/off-hire of time-chartered vessels, including issue of the necessary certificates, but excluding eventual survey expenses 1,350.00
G. Attending of surveys, regarding accidents, fires, collisions, grounding, sea-protests, fines by smuggling, pollution, damages to other vessels or port installations, disturbance on board, official inquiries, legal steps to protect owner's interests, collection of freight(s), general average, etc. 2,025.00
H. Emergency calls of vessels for landing crew members / stowaways, taking fresh water or bunkers, repairs, etc., and up to minimum 5 days 1,890.00
I. Handling spare parts clearance, nautical charts / stores, etc. arriving from destined to abroad, per each handling 270.00
J. Communications  
  Photocopies, telephone, telex, fax, computer data cost plus 30%
K. Documentation fees  
  The charges include the items mentioned below and are applicable to shippers and/or importers.  
- Issuing export bills of lading and electronic advice to customers 54.00
- Issuing export bills of lading presented after vessel's sailing 67.00
- Processing import bills of lading, AFRMM payments and presentation to customs 67.00
- Issuing correction letters 67.00
1. Time starts to count as from the date the vessel arrives outer roads and applicable fee items A, B, C, D and H.  
2. For vessels loading and/or discharging over 10,000 tons, an increase of 15% over items A and C for each additional 10,000 tons, or fraction, except on additionals.  
3. All funds for proforma disbursements to be advanced by principal's prior to vessel's entry in port as per legislation and central bank rules. Total funds to cover disbursements to be at agents' disposal prior to vessel's sailing from port.  
4. Exchange rate for the purpose of establishing disbursements to be at the rate prevailing at date of vessel's sailing.  


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