SINDANPE - Covering the  ports of Recife, Suape, Maceio (including Salgema terminal), Natal and Cabe

Agency fees covering the ports of Recife, Suape, Maceio (including Salgema terminal), Natal and Cabedelo, effective 1 September 1998, as issued by SINDANPE (Sindicato das Agências de Navegação Marítima do Estado de Pernambuco)


A) Discharging / Loading
- Solid bulk cargoes (wheat, fertiliser, sulphur, general cargo, corn, coal, soya, wheat etc.)
- Liquid bulk cargoes (gasoline, chemicals, tallow, etc.)
- General cargo (non-liner)
- Molasses, sugar in bags, sugar in bulk, cereals in bulk, etc
  Up to 10,000 tons 3,000.00
  From 10,001 to 20,000 tons 3,500.00
  From 20,001 tons upwards 4,000.00
B) Distress calls
  (if more than one service is rendered; only the highest rate will apply)
1. To leave sick crewmember for hospitalisation and/or corpses for embalming 2,000.00
2. To repair in engine room and/or other part (outside the port) 4,100.00
3. To repair in engine room and/or other part (inside the harbour) 3,250.00
4. To bunker, provisions and water 1,700.00
5. Due to collision with other ship at sea 3,660.00
6. Due to fire on cargo, engine or other part of the vessel 4,100.00
7. Due to problems with crew on board 3,250.00
8. Off-shore rigs, dredgers and other floating equipment 3,010.00
C) On-hire/off-hire
  Outside the port 2,850.00
  Inside the port 2,100.00
D) Fishing boats
1. For provisions, water and bunkers 2,050.00
2. Repairs on engine, refrigerating plant, etc. 2,450.00
3. To land sick crew member for hospitalisation 2,450.00
4. Call due to crew problems aboard 2,850.00
E) Passenger ships
1. When remaining in port up to 24 hours without landing or embarking passengers 2,450.00
2. When remaining in port more than 24 hours without landing or embarking passengers 2,850.00
3. When remaining in port up to 24 hours landing or embarking up to 20 passengers 3,100.00
4. When remaining in port more than 24 hours landing or embarking over 20 passengers 3,200.00
F) Protecting agency
  Charterers business (when vessel consigned to owners agent 1,200.00
G) Owners' protecting agency
1. Husbandry 2,200.00
2. Advisory capacity 1,250.00
3. Additional port 1,250.00
H) Legal action
  In addition to agency fees and commissions charged for attendance of vessel itself, the following charges will apply:
1. Noting of protest in court, General average, Pollution of part waters (when successful cancelling fine when services are rendered even after ship's sailing), Lien on cargo, Official survey of damaged cargo discharged by vessel, Assisting crew members under arrest or accused of criminal acts 3%
I) Various
  Irrespective of the agency fees charged to the vessel, the following charges will apply:
1. Handling deserters, stowaways, hospitalised crewmembers who are unable to join the vessel on sailing, repatriation of crew member, embarking crew member from abroad, embarking local crewmen, for each crewmember 160.00
2. Assisting in Harbour Master's and/or Federal Police inquest 410.00
3. Handling spare parts to/from vessels, per each airway bill 200.00
4. Handling cargo claims by Customs 3%
5. Handling cargo claims by receivers 3%
J) Documentation Fees
The charges will consist of documentation fees for processing export and import Bill of Lading, correction letter fees, late presentation fees and a charge for processing release of cargo without presentation of the original B/L, all for the account of importers/exporters, in the state of Pernambuco.
  the charges will consist of:
- Issuing Export Bills of Lading and electronic advice to Customs 15.00
- Issuing Export Bills of Lading presented after vessel's sailing 26.00
- Issuing correction letters 25.00
- Processing delivery of cargo without the original B/L 25.00
- Processing Bill of Lading import 15.00
- Other related services not mentioned above, minimum of 15.00
K. All the listed rates, charged on items "A", "B", "C", "E", "F" and "H" are valid only for the vessels staying up to 10 days in port.
  Exceeding this period, vessels will be charged daily fine of 280.00
L) These rates will apply to Recife (also Suape), Maceio (also Salgema terminal), Natal and Cabedelo ports.
M) All the rates exclude financing of disbursements, which according to the Brazilian exchange regulations have to be made in totum before vessel's sailing in order to obtain vessel's clearance.
N) Any disbursements in local currency not financed in advance by principals (owners, time charterers or charterers) will be subject to daily interest (same percentage rates as applied by the banks), as well as a commission on advances of 6.5% per month, or fraction thereof, until date of final settlement.
O) All funds for disbursements to be obligatorily advanced by principals prior vessel's entry in port as per legislation and central bank rules. Exchange for purposes of establishing disbursements proformas and final disbursements to be at the rate of exchange prevailing at the date of the remittance are credited to agents account.
P) Letters of guarantee, deposits in escrow, applications for services and use of facilities, equipment, etc. on behalf of vessel when undertaken by agents, under their responsibility, and when not already covered in cash by principals, are considered as actual disbursements for accounting purposes.


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