SINDAMARES - Covering the ports of Barra do Riacho, Praia Mole, Ponta de Ubu, Tubarao and Vitória

Agency fees covering the ports of Barra do Riacho, Praia Mole, Ponta de Ubu, Tubarao and Vitória, effective 1 February 1998, as issued by SINDAMARES (Sindicato da Agências de Navegação Marítima do Estado do Espírito Santo)


1. Vessels loading at Tubarao or Ponta de Ubu or vessels discharging at Praia Mole coal wharf  
  Charterer's agents (official vessel's agent)  
    Tubarao / Praia Mole (coal wharf) Ponta de Ubu
  Metric tons USD USD
  0 to 49,999 3,000.00 3,750.00
  50,000 to 69,999 3,300.00 4,125.00
  70,000 to 84,999 3,700.00 4,625.00
  85,000 to 99,999 4,000.00 5,000.00
  100,000 to 124,999 4,500.00 5,625.00
  125,000 to 149,999 5,000.00 6,250.00
  150,000 to 174,999 5,500.00 6,875.00
  175,000 to 199,999 6,000.00 7,500.00
  200,000 to 249,999 6,500.00 8,125.00
  250,000 and upwards 7,000.00 8,750.00
2. Praia Mole steel wharf  
  Charterer's agents (official vessel's agent)  
  Mt loaded / discharged USD
  up to 10,000 2,500.00
  10,001 to 20,000 3,000.00
  20,001 to 30,000 3,500.00
  30,001 to 50,000 4,000.00
  50,001 and over 4,500.00
3. Loading or discharging at Vitoria (commercial, Capuaba, Paul, Ro/Ro, oil terminal) or Portocel (Barra do Riacho)  
  Charterer's agents (official vessel's agent)  
    Vitoria Portocel (Barra do Riacho)
  Mt loaded / discharged USD USD
  up to 10,000 2,500.00 3,125.00
  10,001 to 20,000 3,000.00 3,750.00
  20,001 to 30,000 3,500.00 4,375.00
  30,001 to 50,000 4,000.00 5,000.00
  50,001 and over 4,500.00 5,625.00
Notes: to be applied to tables 1, 2 and 3  
a) Above fees are for up to 10 days in port. For each exceeding day, an additional of  
  10% will be charged on the above fees.  
b) USD 500.00 will be charged for each additional berth at the same port or wharf.  
4. Full agents  
  When charterer's and owner's interests are combined with the same agent, the fees from tables 1, 2 and 3 will be increased by USD 1,600.00  
5. Owner's agent (protecting agent when a vessel is consigned to a third party)  
  (valid for all ports in the state of Espirito Santo)  
  Specified services USD
a) Including disbursement account/funds etc.  
  Up to 10 days after vessel's clearance 1,600.00
  For each additional calendar day over 10 days 160.00
b) Vessels calling only to land crew, to take water, bunkers, stores or spare parts, for emergency repairs or changing of crew etc.  
  For the first 48 hours 1,600.00
  Additional 24 hour pro rata 160.00
c) Supervisory agent, assisting master without freight collection, disbursements, legal steps, etc.  
  Up to 10 days 1,200.00
  For each additional calendar day 120.00
d) Handling exclusively on/off hire, delivery/redelivery of time chartered vessel, excluding eventual survey and petty expenses 1,200.00
e) Handling exclusively vessels 18 years old or older which require condition survey (port state control) as per decree 007/95-DPC.  
  Attending agents (owners or charterers) will be entitled to charge a handling fee of 1,200.00
6. Passenger vessels  
  Up to 24 hours in port 2,800.00
  For each subsequent day 280.00
  Embarking/landing (for each passenger):  
  Up to 12 passengers 22.00
  Over 12 passengers 11.00
7. Other Services  
a) Crew members  
  Attending stowaways, persons left behind, hospitalised crew and repatriation (if not leaving by same vessel), crew joining, disembarking, etc. per crew member attended at Vitoria 160.00
b) Attending spare parts clearance (per AWB) 160.00
8. Processing of Documents  
a) B/L issuance fee (exportation) and Siscomex processing fee (per B/L issued) 10.00
b) B/L processing/liberation (importation), per B/L 10.00
c) Issuance of correction letter (exportation) or presentation of correction letter (importation), per correction letter 15.00
d) Processing for liberation of cargo without presentation of original B/L 20.00
e) Other similar services, minimum value 10.00
9. General Remarks  
a) A 5% municipal tax will be applied on all the above fees.  
b) None of the above rates cover services which can be considered extraordinary, such as taking legal steps to protect principal's interests, collection of freight, general averages contribution, vessel's aground, oil pollution, arrest etc.  
c) The responsible party for disbursement account will provide agents with advance funds before vessel's arrival. Any balance due to agent shall be converted to US Dollars at the rate of exchange on vessel's sailing date, rate at which the agency fee is charged.  
d) Any eventual taxes (such as CPMF or similar) on payments made for account of the nominating party shall be charged in the disbursement account.  


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