SINDAMAR - Covering the port of Santos

 Agency Fee Scale

Port of Santos

Valid 27 June 2013 

1) Ship’s Agents (husbandry excluded)  
  For attending vessels loading or discharging cargoes (solids or liquids) up to 7 days in port:  
  Up to 10,000 DWT 6,780.00
  From  10,001 to 20,000 DWT 7,990.00
  From  20,001 to 30,000 DWT 9,080.00
  From  30,001 to 40,000 DWT 9,560.00
From  40,001 to 50,000 DWT 10,290.00
From  50,001 to 60,000 DWT 10,770.00
  From  60,001 DWT 11,370.00
  Note 1: In all cases time starts to count as from the day vessel arrives at outer roads.  
Note 2: Full Agency additional   1,940.00
  Note 3: At Usiminas (Cosipa) and Fosfertil add 20% on above fee scale.  
2) Protecting Agents  
  For attending Owner's interests when vessel is consigned to another agent:  
  Up to 7 days in port 3,750.00
  At Usiminas (Cosipa) and Fosfertil add 20% on above fee.  
3) Advisory Agents  
  Solely attending in advisory capacity appointed by traders or charterers and not handling funds or husbandry matters  
  Up to 7 days in port 2,300.00
4) Bunkering and/or provisions calls
At inner roads At inner roads 2,300.00
Alongside berth 1,570.00
5) Other Charges and Fees  
  Extra days in port (per day) 320.00
  Additional berth, including lay-by (lay-up) berth (per berth) 1,500.00
  Handling of Port State Control Survey (per survey) 500.00
  Handling of Compulsory on Line Systems 400.00
Handling Sanitary Inspection (per survey) 500.00
  Handling of spare parts (per parcel) 500.00
  Handling of crew (signers on and off, per person) 280.00
  Handling of crew (hospitalization, per person) 320.00
  Handling of corpse (each) 1,560.00
  Handling of stowaway (per person/per month) (1) 1,560.00
  Vessel’s clearance 250.00
Port pass clearance per person including brazilian citizens  90.00
  Communication up to 7 days (lumpsum) (2) 630.00
  Communication per extra 5-day period (lumpsum) (2) 150.00
  Transportation (per day lumpsum) Right Bank (2) 125.00
  Transportation (per day lumpsum) Left Bank (2) 190.00
  Transportation (per day lumpsum) Usiminas and Fosfertil (2) 190.00
  Container Control (Per unit full/empty in or out) 19.00
  Damaged containers recovery administration minimum 10% of amount collected
  Container demurrage administration minimum 10% of amount collected
  Cargo claims, stevedores or their family claims for personal injury, general average, stranding, collisions, pollution, major repairs, etc., agents shall be entitled to additional compensation, the amount of which to be determined by mutual agreement between owners and agents.  
  Stowaway (1) The given charge is per person handled per each 30-day period of stay in Brazil until final repatriation or concession of asylum. Before ship’s departure, owners are to provide necessary funds on demand as per estimate breakdown of expenses (full board hotel, clothing, medical, transport, etc).  
  Communication and Transportation (2) do not include husbanding services.  
6) Remarks  
a) Disbursements:  
  The Central Bank of Brazil (Circular Letter 3280 of March 9, 2005) does not allow ship agent to finance foreign ship owners or any other foreign company. Should any practice which is not according to the usual rules take place, the involved parties (owners and/or cargo traders and/or agents) will be summoned to appear before the aforementioned monetary authority to render account.

The Santos Port Authority does not handle a ship unless the agent shows vessel is economically solvent by advancing payment, presenting bank guarantee or both, failing which vessel is not authorized to berth.

Owners or disponent owners are to advance funds to agents on application to cover estimated ship’s disbursement account. If the owner fails to make such payment in full of any sums due to agent on application or against revised PDA and agent is compelled to advance funds, a charge of 6% (six percent) disbursing fee for a 30-day period or part thereof to cover interest and insurance will be assessed.

In any case full funds to cover revised estimated proforma to be remitted by owners to agents prior to applications of outward sailing pass before port authorities.
b) Minor Items Attendance Definition:  
  (when a C/P clause states that “Owners’ minor items are to be attended by agents without additional agency fee”, or similar provision)

Owners’ minor items attendance is defined as a type of work that does not interfere in the agent daily routine. Routine means the usual tasks done in which agents regularly do ships´ attendance in the port of Santos.

All items of this tariff are not to be considered as minors.

Issued by SINDAMAR (Sindicato das Agências de Navegação Marítima do Estado de São Paulo)

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