Slop Reception

Facilities Available Yes/No  How many CBM/tons  Dimension of flanges  Fixed installation or by road tanker 
Dirty Ballast Water No 1800 m2    
Tank Washing (Slops) Yes 1800 m2 All ASA Flanges reductions  
Oily Mixtures Containing Chemicals Yes 1800 m2 "  
Scale and Sludge from Tank Cleaning Yes No    
Oily Bilge Water Yes 1800 m2 "  

Notice Required 24 hours
Charges for use of the reception facilities If within the Petrobras system, no charge.
Reception facilities available as from  

Maximum ballast capacity 12,000 m3. Max reception rate 1,600 m3/hour.

Name of authority, owner or operator of the reception facility to contact:

Terminal Maritimo Almirante
Av. Guarda Mor Lobo Vianna No. 1111
Sao Sebastiao - SP
Tel. No.: +55 3891-2711 


Divisao do Porto de sao
Sebastiao - DERSA
Av. Dr. altino ARantes, 410
Sao Sebastiao - SP-CEP 11600-000
Tel. No.: +55 012 3892-1899/1524

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