• 2. Tariffs


Port charges (sometimes referred to as harbour dues) consist of:

  • Tonnage dues (a.k.a. dock dues) based on vessel's GT.
  • Mooring dues (a.k.a. berthing dues) based on cargo handled
  • Locking through fee in cases of tonnage dues exemption.

All charges are considered as ordinary port expenses.

All vessels entering a Belgian port must pay Maritime Police Dues once a month according to the vessel's GT. Extra charges are levied by the Maritime Police for meeting the requests of Masters with regard to the enrolment and discharge of crew members, arresting of seamen, seizure of vessels or other particular services.

Customs supervision is required during loading and discharging operations. If carried out on overtime, additional expenses will be incurred. Ship operators are well advised to include clear stipulations in the charter parties to the effect that such charges should be defrayed by the charterers. See remarks concerning Customs Supervision in the voyage related section.

In Antwerp and Flushing the use of wheelman services are not compulsory. In Ghent the use of wheelman services are only compulsary for vessels with a LOA of more than 245 m.

Agency fees are subject to negotiation

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