• 1. Ballast Water

Ballast Water

Under Part V of the Barbados Harbour Regulations, 1961, Regulations 49, 53 and 55 prohibit the disposal of a wide range of pollutants into harbour and/or Territorial Waters of Barbados.   Generally, the discharge of ballast water within port limits is only permissible where such is necessary for operational reasons.  Prior permission must however, be sought from the Harbour Master's office.  Where possible, vessels on route to Barbados are advised to exchange ballast water at least twenty miles from shore.

Part V
Ships - General
Regulation 49 - Prevention of Insanitary Conditions and Nuisance in Harbours.

The Master of a ship lying in a harbour shall ensure that all outlets or scuppers in the ship's sides are fitted with adequate shields to prevent all obnoxious or dirty fluid or matter from failling on to the quays. Exhaust from inconveniencing other ships or traffic in the harbour or on the quays. No ship shall make thick smoke or unnecessary noise to the inconvenience or annoyance of other ships or traffic in the harbour or of the management, or of nearby residents.

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