Safety Regulations and Inspections


NPC must by law be notified of any pollution incident in or near the port or north NSW coast as soon as possible. Notification may be by VHF Ch 09 to the VTIC or freecall 1800 048 205 (the caller may be anonymous). Information sought for the Pollution Incident Notification Record includes the following-


1. Date and time of report.


2. Location relative to prominent landmark or by Lat/Long.


3. Reporters name and contact details.


4. Incident details (a) pollutant type.
(b) pollutant source.
(c) pollutant estimate of size/quantity.
(d) sea/wind conditions.
(e) injuries.
(f) fauna affected.


Further information can be sourced from the NPC website.


Harbour Regulations

The following legislation have application in the Port of Newcastle;


Commonwealth Navigation Act 1912.
NSW Navigation Act 1901.
NSW Marine Safety Act 1998.
NSW Marine Pollution Act 1987.
NSW Marine Pollution Regulation 2001.
NSW Dangerous Goods Act 1975.
NSW Dangerous Goods Regulations 1999.
NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.
NSW Ports Corporatisation and Waterways Management Act 1995.
NSW Ports Corporatisation and Waterways Management Regulation 2002.


NPC Operations Permits


See NPC website


NPC permits may be obtained through the Ship’s Agent and are required before commencing the following operations:


Bunker Permit required before any fuel or lube oil transfer operations.
Dangerous Goods Permit required before loading/discharge of dangerous goods.
Work Permit required before any lifeboat drill, hot-work, painting, immobilisation of engine, anchor handling or underwater operations.

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