• 2. Health and Medical

Health and Medical

Adress: Montevideo & Darregueira street
Phone/fax.: 291 4520675

Medical aids available at Puerto Belgrano Navy Base Hospital and Bahia Blanca.

Sanitary Regulations for vessel coming from foreign countries: Vessels must inform with min 72 hours via fax/tlx/e-mail to agents/authorities with following information:

a - vsl's name
b - flag
c - number of crewmembers/passengers
d - ballast and fresh water quantity on board
e - last berthing/departure date and port name involved during last 180 days
f - if any crewmember needing any kind of medical assistance.
g - if chlorine on board a declaration stating that all water have been treated (dosis 15 lts x 1000 mt ballast - 1 lt x 200 mt fw).
h - declaration stating number and location of seals used at ballast valves.
i - date/place of last fresh water supply.

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