• 1. Crew Issues

Crew Issues

On signers from major western world countries and EU countries do not require any entrance/transit visum to be stamped into the travelling passports at the relevant argentine consulate abroad.

However, the argentine immigration authorities do require entrance/transit visum for the following nationalities, amongst others, and visum´s which applicants are to pick-up at the relevant argentine consulate abroad prior to pulling into argentina:
Russia, Ukraine, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, p.r. China, South Korea, Philippines,Indonesians, Malaysia

No restrictions applicable whatsoever on off signers:
Check before fixing.

Crew changes are possible.The approximate transfer time by cutter from the s.p.m. to Puerto Rosales and therefrom to downtown bahia Blanca is of approx. two hours by car.

Once officially cleared with the argentine immigration authorities, there are no restrictons whatseoever for any nationality crewmembers to freely transit our territorium/port´s/cities.

The only diplomatic representations at the Cityu of Bahia Blanca are the Consulates to the Republic´s of Chile, Spain and Italy, and Norway and Denmark.

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