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Shipping KPIs

18 May 2021

The BIMCO Shipping KPI System is a global shipping industry tool for defining, measuring and reporting information on ship performance.

War in Ukraine will hurt growth in all shipping segments

07 March 2022

Though much uncertainty remains, the immediate commodity price increases and supply challenges caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are likely to be felt throughout 2022. Also, recently implemented sanctions on Russia are not likely to be lifted any time soon. This may have sustained spill-over impact on the global economy.

24 Feb Sanctions against Russia: Check your counterparts and contracts

24 February 2022

With sanctions imposed on Russian interests by the EU, UK, US and others, it is crucial that shipowners and operators check their counterparts and contracts immediately. The situation is currently changing rapidly, and more sanctions announcements could be on the way.

Shipping KPIs monthly news May 2018

22 May 2018

New privacy policy and terms of use for the BIMCO Shipping KPI due to forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018.

New benchmarking concept will dominate Shipping KPI

10 September 2020

Since the BIMCO Shipping KPI system was launched in 2011, the system has been based on a rating concept. With the release of BIMCO Shipping KPI version 4 at the end of September, the rating concept will be replaced by a ranking concept as dominant benchmarking concept.

New login makes BIMCO Shipping KPI system easier to use

02 February 2018

BIMCO Shipping KPI has now launched a single sign in so BIMCO members, who already have a Shipping KPI account, will be able to log in automatically to the BIMCO Shipping KPI site when logged in on the BIMCO homepage.

Report generation in Shipping-KPI

07 May 2021

BIMCO Shipping-KPI will during the next couple of weeks reinstate a core feature of the system, whereby users can export their performance data in a customised, consolidated report.