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Ship-shore interface

05 May 2020

An efficient, safe, and environmentally sustainable port call depends on clear communication before, during and after operations are carried out.

BIMCO relaunch ship benchmarking system

23 February 2018

After two years of redesign, BIMCO relaunches ship benchmarking system, Shipping KPI. The system helps shipowners and managers make strategic decisions about their fleet.

BIMCO Shipping KPI statement concerning ships’ emission monitoring

05 October 2020

The mandatory Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) for all ships are effective regulations for CO2 emissions and provide, in BIMCO’s view, tangible contributions to the global efforts to combat climate change.

BIMCO: EU ship recycling regime improved but gaps remain

03 December 2020

An updated Report on the European list of ship recycling facilities, commissioned by BIMCO, shows progress in increasing the number of active yards on the list, but the rules still don’t reflect commercial realities and lags behind on capacity to scrap large commercial ships.

COVID-19 posters for ships

16 March 2020

BIMCO-made posters to protect seafarers and visitors onboard ships against Coronavirus (COVID-19). Black-and-white posters that can be easily printed and used onboard ships at shoreside, shipside of gangways as well at various locations in the accommodation.

Cyber risk and autonomous ships

30 April 2019

BIMCO has submitted four papers to the Maritime Safety Committee. The papers discuss how autonomous ships should be tried before they are allowed to operate, and that cyber risk management should be part of the ship’s Safety Management System.