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Jean Koh

07 March 2019

Jean is a partner at HFW in London and specialises in shipping litigation, focusing on contractual shipping disputes including charter parties, bills of lading, cargo claims, commodities/trade disputes, ship sale and purchase disputes, bunker disputes and shipbuilding disputes. She represents owners, charterers, shipyards and their insurers based internationally but has a geographical focus on the Japanese market, having worked in Tokyo for 6 months there. On the casualty side, Jean also handles wet shipping disputes, in particular fire and explosions on container vessels due to undeclared dangerous cargoes and/or engine explosions, groundings on reef, unsafe port disputes, crane collapses, damage caused by sulphur cargo, liquefaction of cargo and general average incidents. Jean has worked at the HFW in Shanghai and Pireaus.

Wei Zhuang

05 July 2019

Wei Zhuang is the Regional Manager of Asia, BIMCO. Wei started his BIMCO career with the Legal & Contractual Affairs Department in 2011 where he joined a wide range of BIMCO’s standard contracts and clauses projects, including project development, revision and promotion. He was further promoted as China Liaison Officer as well as the General Manager of BIMCO Shanghai Centre. Now as the Regional Manager of Asia, he is committed to keeping a constructive relationship with regional regulators and industry stakeholders and, most importantly, to provide portfolio services to BIMCO members and potential members in Asia. Wei’s previous positions include eight years as a maritime lawyer and Senior Fellow at Maritime University. He has a master’s degree in maritime law and a PhD in international law. 庄炜系波罗的海国际航运公会(BIMCO) 亚洲区总经理。他在2011年加入BIMCO的法律与合同事务部工作,期间参与了大量BIMCO标准合同和条款的项目,包括项目开发、修订以及推广。后来庄先生被任命为大中华区总经理兼BIMCO上海中心主任,目前其担任BIMCO亚洲区总经理,致力于加强BIMCO与亚洲的沟通和合作,积极推动国际航运界和航运政策制定者和产业利益者之间富有建设性的沟通与合作,重点是维系亚洲区BIMCO会员的利益并向他们提供高效的服务。 庄炜曾担任8年的海事律师和高校教师,拥有海商法硕士及国际法学博士学位。