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Dry cargo market report dated 3 September 2021

06 September 2021

Supramax: A week of falls across most routes led to the BSI closing at 3,348, a drop of 122 week-on-week. With Hurricane IDA the US Gulf lost momentum as cargo supply eased, whilst from South America fresh enquiry was limited. The weekly dry bulk market report contains a summary of the recent movements in the market, alongside the latest figures for average dry bulk earnings and Baltic Dry Indices.

BIMCO provides information about dangers associated with the carriage of certain solid bulk cargoes

19 November 2020

There are solid bulk cargoes that are commonly transported by bulk carriers and yet many members are not familiar with the dangers that are associated with them. BIMCO provides timely information and advice on cargoes like iron ore fines, bauxite as well as cargoes that are capable of causing oxygen depletion in cargo spaces and adjacent spaces.