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What is BIMCO thinking about 2020?

08 January 2020

Every year, BIMCO considers what is in store for the shipping industry and for BIMCO in the coming years, while also reflecting on the year gone by. We put all the thoughts in a magazine. This year is no different, and a range of BIMCO people have written their opinions on what the new year will bring.

Best opportunity in years to combat Gulf of Guinea piracy

25 October 2021

Historically, piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea see a spike during the dry season which normally lasts from October/November to March/April. What is different this year is that Nigeria has launched a comprehensive set of anti-piracy capabilities and at least two international navies will have very capable warships equipped with helicopters on anti-piracy missions in the area too. In parallel with the number of signatories to the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy steadily growing, a rising number of stakeholders are calling for action. The coming of this year’s dry season could potentially be a defining moment, but it is too early to rest on our laurels, says BIMCO’s Head of Maritime Safety & Security, Jakob P. Larsen.