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Time charter and infectious and contagious diseases

07 April 2020

BIMCO has over recent weeks published a lot of information about COVID-19 and which measures different countries have implemented in an effort to curtail the spread of the virus. An overview can be found on BIMCO’s website.

Hire and termination clauses reviewed in BARECON update

30 September 2016

BARECON 2001 is being updated to reflect changes in commercial practice and legal development in the 15 years since it was published. At a meeting held at BIMCO House on 29 September the focus of the revision team was the hire and termination provisions.

Types of shipping training

16 August 2021

The different types of training at BIMCO Choose the way you want to learn about commercial shipping and maritime law.

Fit for purpose: are your bunker clauses 2020 ready?

04 September 2018

Technical, regulatory and financial aspects of the 2020 global fuel sulphur cap regime understandably loom large in people’s minds. But the importance of the contractual dimension should not be overlooked. BIMCO is forging ahead with an all-encompassing 2020 Clause for charter parties, which should be published in November.

Arrest clauses

03 October 2016

BIMCO has received comments concerning the arrival of a new breed of clauses seeking to shift risks traditionally falling within the charterers’ sphere onto the owners.