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BIMCO to launch working group to harness members' experience of reducing single use plastics onboard ships

03 February 2022

Reducing the amount of plastic litter in the oceans is a shared responsibility and requires a collective effort. By taking steps to reduce single-use plastics on ships, the shipping industry will contribute to addressing the global plastic litter problem. We know that many BIMCO members are taking decisive and positive action in this area and we are keen to learn from their experiences to help shape a bigger industry campaign.

77th meeting of IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee

02 December 2021

Following COP 26, it was no surprise that most of the time spent on the deliberations at the 77th meeting of the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 77) focused on GHG reductions from international shipping. Nevertheless, the committee still managed to make progress on ballast water management, marine plastic litter from shipping, black carbon in the Arctic and exhaust gas cleaning systems.