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Piracy reports

27 February 2020

The Worldwide Threat to Shipping Report covers 30 days of analysis, reports and information to ensure ships and ship operators are aware of current and emerging security threats. The Weekly Piracy Update Report is a weekly overview of recent security incidents. Both reports are issued by US Office of Naval Intelligence (US ONI).

Industry releasable threat assessments & bulletins

27 February 2020

Industry Releasable Threat Assessments (IRTAs) and Industry Releasable Threat Bulletins (IRTBs) are prepared for industry by Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and EUNAVFOR and are a valuable tool for assessing current threats, and it should be utilised for voyage risk assessments prior to transiting in these regions. Both IRTAs and IRTBs are restricted for members' information only, and is not to be distributed further.

New improved ECDIS software

07 June 2017

It is time to replace software on ECDIS systems on board because by 31 August 2017, the new Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) software will make the previous versions redundant.